Rogue Scion

A Day at the Market

It's always fun to explore...

(At 16 years of age) He took me out with him into the market today. I think he was trying to buy some more of his artifacts. The man can never forget he doesn’t have a Mark and is becoming less and less concerned with hiding his contempt for me. I bet he would steal my Mark if he could… I bet that’s what all those things are for; trying to figure out how he can get a Mark of his own. He gets so mad at me when I wear clothing that obscures my Mark, he even had special clothes and cloaks made for me that highlight it. That’s saying something, he hates spending money on me. But back to today. While he was conducting his business, I wandered off a little and this odd little dwarf with bright orange hair enticed me to his stall. His name’s Red MkReks and he makes things. I think he’s an artificer. He told me he could hide my Mark for me, but I decided I better not test him by concealing it with magic. He was haggling with the vendor who kept trying to say he didn’t have anything that my uncle was looking for because it was illegal. The man definitely looked like a smuggler, and I think he was just trying to get a higher price. I don’t think he realizes how much I know about what he does around the house and how much the staff tells me. He probably would have changed the whole staff if he had found out. He’s just that spiteful. I’m getting sick of living under his rule. I miss Breland and the House headquarters.


DMDexter TMSavH

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