Rogue Scion

Exploring My Uncle's House

My Uncle should be careful...

(At 12 years of age)

So today my Uncle was out of town. I took advantage of his absence to get to know some of the staff here in his apartments, and we’ve all become great friends. The cook has even promised me sweets whenever I drop by (as long as my uncle’s not around, of course). I think he has given orders to them to treat me with the respect my Mark merits, but with no kindness. Too bad for him I’m just so likeable! So, that afternoon, I noticed one of the guards had left a door unlocked that has always been locked before and I’ve always wanted to know what he was keeping hidden away in there. I managed to slip in without anyone noticing, and discovered it was full of Dragonmark artifacts and other old stuff. There were things from at least 1500 years ago, and lots of it from the War of the Mark. There were lots of things related to Aberrant Marks, too. I bet he wants to learn more about how they work, after all, we do call him the Markless. I also managed to get myself into a trap, but it was easy to get out. I hope he can’t tell I set it off. I bet there are more throughout the house. He would do that sort of thing… and I doubt they’re all as kind and easy as the one I found…


DMDexter TMSavH

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