Rogue Scion

We've arrived!

We made it to Vedykar

We made it safely to Vedykar. After the bear, we had three uneventful days, but of course when the city was in sight we ran into trouble. A Deathlock Wight got upset that we disturbed the graveyard he was watching and he set his undead hound on us. We had to kill that dog twice! Well, two more times, really, I guess. I really hope we never have to fight off any more undead. They’re scary and their necrotic damage is quite disturbing. I wonder why he was so upset we passed by, but he just attacked us so we didn’t really get a chance to ask… Anyway, when we were finally able to take him down (my Hunter’s Bow really is quite helpful) Red found some sort of reanimation wand. I didn’t even want to touch it, but he thought he could get something out of it… Once we got past that, though, we made it to Vedykar safely, found a place to stay with decent food and actually got to wash up and sleep in a bed! We’re planning our next move now. I think we’ll stay here for at least a few days and try to get more information on what my uncle may be up to and who he’s working with. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to me acting as bait in a trap. So many things could go wrong… Well, that’s for tomorrow. For now, I have a bed calling me to sleep.


DMDexter TMSavH

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