Rogue Scion

Killer Bear!

I think Two has a new hobby...

A few days ago we encountered a small pack of very hungry wolves as we were getting near the edge of the Nightwood. Luckily, Two’s trusty warhammer really helped us out, and I managed to get a couple good shots in as well and Red’s spells gave us a nice boost, too. Two’s started collecting teeth and claws from all these creatures we’re encountering on necklaces. I think she’s actually got a pretty good eye for that sort of thing! We made it out of the forest and managed to pass three whole days and nights without incident, unless you count finding empty logging camps to sleep at and seeing a road lead off to the south, most likely toward Karrlakton. Of course we’re still trying to avoid that area in case Uncle Tagard is watching and just stuck to the less worn track we were following. A bunch of those camps we stayed at looked like they were mostly worked by warforged, and at the first one we saw some things with the name “TinMan Logging Co.” on them. Nice to know some warforged are able to find decent (and non-violent, for those less inclined to fight) work after the war. Yesterday we started to see some big cave bear tracks around, and this morning we definitely entered its territory. We knew for sure when we saw it not too far away playing with what ended up being a bag. Those bears are tough! It took us a while, but we finally took him down. Two really is a great fighter, and my new Hunter’s Bow is a great help! Red had some trouble hitting the bear, but he gave Two the boost she needed to really wallop that thing. The work was certainly worth it, though. We found some gold and a beautiful sapphire! And Two got more teeth and claws for her collection! She’s starting to look like a real savage. It’s almost scary. Hopefully the next few days will be fairly uneventful. Should only be four more days to Vedykar!


DMDexter TMSavH

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