"Red" MkReks

Unscruplous Artisan, "The higher the risk, the higher the payout!"


“Red” MkReks has been through a lot since coming of age.

The first enterprise he embarked on failed horribly when the mine turned out to be an average vein of iron ore, in an isolated part of the Ironroot Mountains, and was promptly overrun by Jhorash’tar Orcs.

His second venture did not fair any better when an attempt to establish a safe passage through the Hoarfrost Mountains to the ports of the Lhazaar Principalities failed when a mid-summer storm hit the mountain, causing mud-slides and avalanches along the intended route, slowing the expedition which eventually arrived in Tantamar six months behind schedule and had to purchase passage home, scattering the expedition across Khorvaire and as far as Stormreach.

In Stormreach, where “Red” ended up, he signed up to be part of an expedition to study a Giant city, which upon arriving at the site discovered it only had enough supplies for the return journey, was harried all the way to the coast by Drow hunters, and found the expeditions supply ship had become beached. This forced the entire expedition and ships crew to trek for a month through the jungle (again dealing with Drow and Giants along the way) to Stormreach.

Arriving in Sharn after several months in Xen’drik with nothing to show for it; “Red” jumped from job to job working as a journeyman in various forges. He signed up to provide insight into Mror ores with a merchant headed for Korth. When they made it Korth, uneventfully for once, the merchant made his trades one of them included Red’s ticket back to Sharn. “Red”, making the most of it, asked his former employer’s contact for some work and quickly found himself apprenticed himself to a Cannith licensed tinkerer, supplying all manner of folks with various items.

“Red” has made a number of contacts in his travels, not all of them friends.

"Red" MkReks

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