Escaping the Apartments

The rain had picked up. The house had gone quiet, Targard’s office dark. Lorsanna needed to escape now or find herself a prisoner in the morning.

Escaping the Apartments

Setup: To escape the Medani enclave, Lorsanna must quietly move to the upper floor of the house, avoid the patrolling night guards, move across the rooftop of the apartments of the enclave, slide down to the stable/armory, retrieve her bow and short sword, and escape over the enclave’s walls.

Primary Skills: Acrobatics, Stealth, Perception

  • Acrobatics Lorsanna quickly moves between windows, the roof, and walls of the enclave. The rain makes everything slick. A failure with this skill causes a -2 to future Stealth checks.
  • Stealth Lorsanna must move quietly in order to not risk waking the rest of the household or gaining the attention of the guards. The rain helps to mask Lorsanna’s movements.
  • Perception Lorsanna notices a guard before he notices her, a particularly good foothold on the roof, or a minor detail that will hide her escape.

Success: Lorsanna gets all of her weapons in her escape. She can use her longbow and short sword in future encounters.

Failure: Lorsanna only escapes with a dagger to defend herself!

Result: Lorsanna failed to escape with her weapons! She faces the night of the city with only her dagger!

Rewards: none!

Escaping the Apartments

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