Finding Red

After a rough night, Lorsanna is in need of a safe house and some vital rest. But who will aid a Medani runaway? Someone her uncle doesn’t know much about, who is not connected to the Dragonmarked Houses, and that her uncle wouldn’t expect her to go to.

“Red” MkReks may just be that person.

Finding “Red”

Setup: Lorsanna is truly alone for the first time. She needs a friend or two if she is going to escape from her uncle.

Primary Skills: Diplomacy, Perception, Streetwise
  • Diplomacy Lorsanna politely ask around for some information about where she might find a red haired dwarf with the surname MkReks. A few know the name and point her to a particular road.
  • Perception Lorsanna notices a flyer with MkReks’s name on it and the district his workshop is in or notices an artificer’s sign in the distance.
  • Streetwise Lorsanna discovers MkReks’s dabbles in the shader side of business and there is a backdoor for those not wanting to be seen entering his shop.

Success: Lorsanna meets up with Red quickly, who is able to provide her with a safe place for the day.

Lady Medani, good thing you found me. Rumor is that the the Lord Medani has his guards out looking for someone, guessing its you. Stay here until the evening, sorry I don’t have much other than the chair. We will take care of your mark later, a dead give away will get you caught.

“Red” hides Lorsanna’s Dragonmark using Conceal Dragonmark ritual (EPG 116).

Failure: Lorsanna loses a healing surge and doesn’t find Red before the evening arrives. She also doesn’t get to hide her mark.

Result: Lorsanna found Red after an initial stumble.

Reward: 100 XP for Skill Challenge, 50 XP for Quest completion.

Finding Red

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