Metal Bodyguards

The house burst with a sense of excited anticipation. Lorsanna and Timor only knew that something important was being delivered that day, a surprise their father had been planning for months. A couple of strangers had been consistently visiting their father in his study behind closed doors enchanted to prevent eavesdropping and other methods of spying, and they were dressed in an unfamiliar livery. Timor, now 12 years old, thought they might belong to House Cannith, the House gifted with the Mark of Making. If they were Cannith representatives, the surprise could be any wonderful magical device from toys to training equipment or any number of things. Lorsanna, at six years of age, was hoping for a beautiful, exotic toy. Timor was further along in his training and was hoping for a construct of some kind to practice his fighting skills. Their father gave no hint of the actual nature of his surprise, and their mother was as mystified as they were.

“Lorsanna! Timor! Where are you?” called Lady Aanna, approaching their lookout spot by the large front windows. “Your father wants to see you! Oh, there you are. I hope you’re staying out of trouble, you two. You are an inseparable pair of rogues. Come along, your father’s in his study.” Lorsanna could barely keep from jumping in excitement, knowing that the surprise must be almost ready. This was even better than her birthday a month ago when she had been given her first bow and leather armor worked with a flowery design for training. As they approached the study, she could hear her father talking, but didn’t recognize the other voices. They sounded harsh and strange, with no accent she recognized. She wondered if they were part of the surprise. Lady Aanna knocked on the door, even though it was ajar, and Timor the Elder called them in. As the door opened, Lorsanna saw three giant hulks with a metallic sheen. Were these Warforged? She had heard of them, but had never seen one before.

“Ah, Aanna, Timor, Lorsanna, here you are! Meet One, Two and Three, our new bodyguards. House Cannith has just delivered them to us. Timor, One will stay with you at all times. He is the most experienced and can also help you with your training. Two is yours, Lorsanna. She is charged with your protection and well-being, and will also act as your aide as you get older. Two, you must keep her safe at any cost.” The warforged nodded curtly as if though accepting the command as her ultimate duty and reason for being. “Your mother and I will be guarded by Three, who has just been created for us. Treat them with respect and honor their commitments. No trying to sneak away from them, do you understand?”

“Yes, father,” replied Timor. Lorsanna nodded her assent. She was a little frightened by these large creatures and had heard stories of their strength and abilities. As she left the room with Two, she couldn’t help but ask, “Is it true you don’t sleep or eat?”

“Yes, that is true,” she replied with a chuckle. “And I can walk underwater without drowning. We’ll be friends, won’t we? You’ll get used to me eventually. I’ve learned enough in my two years of life to fit in, I think.”


Metal Bodyguards

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