Screaming Night

Encounter Introduction

A month after her parent’s death, Lorsanna and Two are traveling on the road to Korth in a House Orien Coach. Night has fallen and the coach is within a hour of its night stop. The coachman slows the coach to a stop; leans in and says to Two, “A wagon has gone off the road, looks like the man could use some help.” The coachman gets down and approaches the man, wearing a dark green cloak. After a brief moment the driver collapses and the cloaked man shouts something. A few skeletons appear out of cover. ...

Encounter Level 1 (100 XP) – No experience given as part of the campaign Prologue. The Prologue focuses on setting up the campaign and learning the rules.


This encounter includes the following creatures.

  • Emerald Claw Trooper (T) (ECG 88) Cloaked Man
  • 3 Decrepit Skeletons (S) (MM 234)

The coach sits on the left side of a wide road (25 ft/5 squares) flanked by two shallow ditches (difficult terrain). The wagon is 20 ft (4 squares) ahead of the coach and partially in the ditch. The cloaked man is 10 ft (2 squares) away from the wagon in the middle of the road.

Each skeleton approaches from a different direction about 30 ft (6 squares) from the wagon, coming out of hiding in the darkness.


Screaming Night

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