Tavern Alley

The food was desperately needed, Lorsanna’s stomach had growled all day. The warm food gave her much needed energy and the tavern’s entertainment a much needed break from running all day. The last rays of the sun were coming in through the windows of the tavern and the house lights were flickering into existence. Maybe she could finally rest.

Perception check DC 15 (1)

Eventually Lorsanna takes the back exit.

The Tavern’s alley is only 10 feet (2 sqs) wide and runs the length of the building. The lighting, from the street laps, the setting sun, and tavern’s inside illuminate everything within 30 feet clearly enough for someone to see things unaided.

Result: Red and Lorsanna escape out the back to encounter 2 of Tagard’s guards. They attempt to battle their way through struggling until Two joins from the front turning on her fellow searchers. She is loyal to Lorsanna, not Tagard.

Reward: 200 XP total (75 for Red & Lorsanna, 50 for Two), 10 gp, and Potion of Healing.

Tavern Alley

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