Unfriendly Market

Its the early hours of the morning and Lorsanna has been wandering the streets of Korth’s Commerce Ward, since escaping the Medani apartments. She finds herself wandering through a quiet market. Four lines of stalls are setup in neat rows between large ancient buildings except for the walls where the market stands. The stalls are mostly empty or locked.

As Lorsanna makes her way through the market, two goblins approach from the opposite direction, their short swords in hand. Lorsanna can hear them conversing, but doesn’t understand what they are saying. Finally one looks at her.

Gi’me yur coin or ve tak’it!

The market is dim and hazy in the early morning after the storm.

Two buildings, that were once one building, make up the long sides of the market while two main roads make up the short sides (10×6). Stalls (2×1 and 2×2) make up the market, with a “y” shape leading through it (map). The stalls are difficult ground and provide cover (DMG 43).

Low-light vision: up to 30 ft clearly, up to 60 ft lightly obscured

Normal vision: up to 30 ft lightly obscured

Updates: Changed the shape of the market.

Result: Lorsanna successful defeated a gang of goblin thugs after money she didn’t have! She dropped two of the goons before blooding the last of them before he ran deciding his own hide was worth more than hers.

Reward: 100 XP & 5 GP

Unfriendly Market

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