Walking Dead

The sun has just set; in the far distance the lights of Vedykar can be seen. An overgrown mausoleum sits abandoned, the ruins of what must be an ancient manor house a few dozen yards away. A scattering of mostly destroyed headstones are scattered around the mausoleum. A figure stands on the far side of the cemetery, outlined by the city lights. The shape of a large dog stands next to humanoid.

Perception DC20

The player characters start in the tree line next to the overgrown family cemetery (8×8) with a mausoleum (2×2) at its center. The cemetery is surrounded by a low broken stone wall (light cover). Inside the cemetery a worn path leads from the broken front gate to the mausoleum and to the row of the most intact tombstones (light cover), otherwise the cemetery is overgrown (difficult ground). The figure and dog stand near the gate, in front of one of the mostly intact tombstones.

Result: The party takes down the Wight mage and his champion hound, the hound twice!

Reward: Reanimation Wand

Walking Dead

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