Rogue Scion

This campaign is focused on the story of only one player character. It is the player’s first time playing D&D and the DM’s first 4e campaign. As it is story focused it seemed natural to collaborate on the story here between the DM and player and any future players. Seal of House Medani

Lorsanna d’Medani came of age under the stringent rule of her uncle, Tagard Kemble d’Medani, after her parents were killed and brother lost in an act of terrorism late in the Last War. Her uncle is secretive to an extreme and with good reason, Lorsanna and her entire family had Marks of Detection, while he had been cheated by some fluke of heredity. Lorsanna is about to discover some of his secrets.

Lord Tagard d’Medani, the Markless, decided to leave Breland and go to Korth, the capital of Karrnath, in search of power and wealth, bringing the young Lorsanna in tow as directed by Baron d’Medani. In the cold north of Karrnath, Lorsanna grew to adulthood and came to loath her uncle.

Accompanying Lorsanna is her ever present bodyguard, the female warforged Two. Two saved Lorsanna on the day her parents died and takes the last order of Lorsanna’s father seriously as she did the first day it was given: “Protect my daughter, Lorsanna, at all cost.” Two has done so for 18 years, being an unwitting ally in Tagard’s attempts to maintain control of Lorsanna.

But the story begins more than two decades ago, when Lorsanna was only four years old… her Dragonmarked Birthday.

Current Campaign: Uncle’s Tyranny

Rogue Scion

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