Rogue Scion

We've arrived!
We made it to Vedykar

We made it safely to Vedykar. After the bear, we had three uneventful days, but of course when the city was in sight we ran into trouble. A Deathlock Wight got upset that we disturbed the graveyard he was watching and he set his undead hound on us. We had to kill that dog twice! Well, two more times, really, I guess. I really hope we never have to fight off any more undead. They’re scary and their necrotic damage is quite disturbing. I wonder why he was so upset we passed by, but he just attacked us so we didn’t really get a chance to ask… Anyway, when we were finally able to take him down (my Hunter’s Bow really is quite helpful) Red found some sort of reanimation wand. I didn’t even want to touch it, but he thought he could get something out of it… Once we got past that, though, we made it to Vedykar safely, found a place to stay with decent food and actually got to wash up and sleep in a bed! We’re planning our next move now. I think we’ll stay here for at least a few days and try to get more information on what my uncle may be up to and who he’s working with. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to me acting as bait in a trap. So many things could go wrong… Well, that’s for tomorrow. For now, I have a bed calling me to sleep.

Killer Bear!
I think Two has a new hobby...

A few days ago we encountered a small pack of very hungry wolves as we were getting near the edge of the Nightwood. Luckily, Two’s trusty warhammer really helped us out, and I managed to get a couple good shots in as well and Red’s spells gave us a nice boost, too. Two’s started collecting teeth and claws from all these creatures we’re encountering on necklaces. I think she’s actually got a pretty good eye for that sort of thing! We made it out of the forest and managed to pass three whole days and nights without incident, unless you count finding empty logging camps to sleep at and seeing a road lead off to the south, most likely toward Karrlakton. Of course we’re still trying to avoid that area in case Uncle Tagard is watching and just stuck to the less worn track we were following. A bunch of those camps we stayed at looked like they were mostly worked by warforged, and at the first one we saw some things with the name “TinMan Logging Co.” on them. Nice to know some warforged are able to find decent (and non-violent, for those less inclined to fight) work after the war. Yesterday we started to see some big cave bear tracks around, and this morning we definitely entered its territory. We knew for sure when we saw it not too far away playing with what ended up being a bag. Those bears are tough! It took us a while, but we finally took him down. Two really is a great fighter, and my new Hunter’s Bow is a great help! Red had some trouble hitting the bear, but he gave Two the boost she needed to really wallop that thing. The work was certainly worth it, though. We found some gold and a beautiful sapphire! And Two got more teeth and claws for her collection! She’s starting to look like a real savage. It’s almost scary. Hopefully the next few days will be fairly uneventful. Should only be four more days to Vedykar!

Lots of Happenings
What's happened since I came of age...

A lot has happened since I last wrote in this journal, but I’ve been a little busy. I discovered that my wonderful uncle was planning to kill me to steal my dragonmark. I just happened to overhear him speaking to a stranger one night about his plans for my future. Now I have to find out just who that stranger is and who he works with. He must at least have some connections; the steed he rode into the compound on was a magical beast. It simply vanished as soon as he dismounted. Not many people have that sort of mount, now do they? Sadly, I decided to leave the house in a bit of a rush and lost my bow and other equipment, but I did have my dagger and this book, the two things I always keep in my belt. Of course, my dagger was only a small help against the three goblins who tried to mug me! Of course they wouldn’t listen when I told them I didn’t have any gold, but I did manage to protect myself and get a hold of one of their crossbows. After taking two of them out, their leader ran off. The two I felled only had 5 gold pieces, but at least I survived and got my hands on a crossbow. I remembered that dwarf, Red McReks, I had met a few years ago in the market. He seemed like the kind of person who could help me, and I’m fairly certain Uncle Tagard doesn’t know of him or that I’ve ever even seen him. Luckily I found him without any other incident and hid out in his shop for the day. That night, Red brought me to his favorite hangout, IronRoot Hall and got me some food. Unfortunately, as we were finishing up our meal, I noticed one of my Uncle’s men come in the front door. When Red noticed me slouching down to avoid notice, he spoke a quick word or two to his friends who then helped us get out the back door without being seen. Of course, the door led out into an alley that was a dead end with the only exit blocked by two more of Tagard’s men. Luckily they didn’t notice us, so we were able to get a bit of a surprise on them, but the three of them were too much for us. Just when I thought I was going to be taken back to certain death at my uncle’s hands, Two showed up! She helped us fight off the men, although she was rather confused as to why they had even attacked me in the first place. We returned to the tavern after dragging their bodies down the alley and taking what we needed from them (I got a longbow back!) where we discussed our next move. Since Tagard was sure to be having the roads and lightning rail watched, we decided to head out the east gate of the city and cut through the Nightwood and skirt the southern edge of the forest.

Early the next morning, we headed to the East Gate of Korth so we could get through before the guard changed and they knew there was a price on my head. Of course, I didn’t have my papers with me, but the guard was agreeable enough with just my Mark as identification. I think someone saw us go through the gate, though. We made fairly good time that day, despite an encounter with a dire boar, and were just getting ready to set up camp for the night when we were attacked. An elf set his two dogs on us and tried to use Two for target practice. Poor Two took the brunt of the attack, but with Red’s help and a few lucky shots, we took him and his dogs down. The real bonus was that he was carrying a magic Hunter’s Bow. After that, we got to settle down and a good night’s rest. At least, I hope it will be a good night’s rest. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

A Day at the Market
It's always fun to explore...

(At 16 years of age) He took me out with him into the market today. I think he was trying to buy some more of his artifacts. The man can never forget he doesn’t have a Mark and is becoming less and less concerned with hiding his contempt for me. I bet he would steal my Mark if he could… I bet that’s what all those things are for; trying to figure out how he can get a Mark of his own. He gets so mad at me when I wear clothing that obscures my Mark, he even had special clothes and cloaks made for me that highlight it. That’s saying something, he hates spending money on me. But back to today. While he was conducting his business, I wandered off a little and this odd little dwarf with bright orange hair enticed me to his stall. His name’s Red MkReks and he makes things. I think he’s an artificer. He told me he could hide my Mark for me, but I decided I better not test him by concealing it with magic. He was haggling with the vendor who kept trying to say he didn’t have anything that my uncle was looking for because it was illegal. The man definitely looked like a smuggler, and I think he was just trying to get a higher price. I don’t think he realizes how much I know about what he does around the house and how much the staff tells me. He probably would have changed the whole staff if he had found out. He’s just that spiteful. I’m getting sick of living under his rule. I miss Breland and the House headquarters.

Exploring My Uncle's House
My Uncle should be careful...

(At 12 years of age)

So today my Uncle was out of town. I took advantage of his absence to get to know some of the staff here in his apartments, and we’ve all become great friends. The cook has even promised me sweets whenever I drop by (as long as my uncle’s not around, of course). I think he has given orders to them to treat me with the respect my Mark merits, but with no kindness. Too bad for him I’m just so likeable! So, that afternoon, I noticed one of the guards had left a door unlocked that has always been locked before and I’ve always wanted to know what he was keeping hidden away in there. I managed to slip in without anyone noticing, and discovered it was full of Dragonmark artifacts and other old stuff. There were things from at least 1500 years ago, and lots of it from the War of the Mark. There were lots of things related to Aberrant Marks, too. I bet he wants to learn more about how they work, after all, we do call him the Markless. I also managed to get myself into a trap, but it was easy to get out. I hope he can’t tell I set it off. I bet there are more throughout the house. He would do that sort of thing… and I doubt they’re all as kind and easy as the one I found…

DM Comment #1
DM's observations and comments

The Adventure Log will serve two purposes. The player is encouraged to chronicle her character adventures from an in character perspective, linking to the wiki entry detailing the encounter.

The second purpose will be for me as the DM to occasionally step in and make a comment or two.


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