Leaving Korth

Before the sun has risen, Two awakens Lorsanna as Red packs a bag full of rations, sunrods, and rope.

We have to be move quickly; the gate guards will be changing shift before long and have new orders. We need to pass through before the fresh platoon takes up its shift.

Red leads the group to the Eastgate in the busy preparations of Korth’s early morning. On the way you pass a White Lions barracks busy preparing for a changing of the guard. The business of the gate is in full swing with morning traders entering from the surrounding countryside’s farms, mills, and lumber yards.

As you approach the gate, one of the White Lions approaches.

Papers! Please hand me your travel papers, we will make this quick.


Setup: The group is trying to leave the gate

Primary Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight

  • Bluff – Try and convenience the Guard to let you through without handing over your papers.
  • Diplomacy – Negotiate with the Guard to let him through and not report who you are.
  • Insight – The Guard is very tired and wants to get you moving along +2 to primary skills.

Success: The group quickly moves through the gate’s guards without incident.

Failure: The group will face the the Hunting Party before the Dire Boar.

You have made it past the guards, the wood is not far off.

Result: Failure, both Two and Red put up a fuss about handing over their papers. 0 XP

Leaving Korth

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