Uncle's Plans

The storm had let up. Outside a drizzle still hit the pavement of the enclave’s courtyard. The gate to the enclave was open late, two of Tagard’s personal guards wait to close it, the House Medani staff being dismissed to quarters hours ago. The house had gone quiet, but Lorsanna knew someone was coming to meet her uncle.

As the hours wane and Lorsanna begins to drift off, a person enters the courtyard on horseback. The lone guard grabs the reins as the person dismounts, only to have the stead evaporate into night. Another guard opens a side door, the door into Tagard’s offices, were a light has been on since night fell. This was no ordinary meeting.

Lorsanna quietly moves to another apartment where she can hear the conversations in her uncle’s office. When she finally gets within earshot, the two have already moved beyond pleasantries and her uncle is speaking:

Dennith’s attention is firmly elsewhere right now, their pursuit war criminals and various mainstream contracts. Accessing their achieves and warehouses should not be to challenging for those with the appropriate information. I can get you that information.

The second voice is masked with magic, unidentifiable even as a male or female.

Medani, we came to you for more than your ability to gather information. If you want your own mark, it is going to take having access to Medani’s secrets whenever we call on them.

I can provide all I know; now what all do I need for the ritual?

You will need someone with a mark to steal, three each Khyber, Eberron, and Siberys dragonshards. The ritual takes hours and will kill the person whose mark you are taking. And only my employeer can supply the necessary talents to ensure its success.

I have the marked one, she is here in this enclave and doesn’t suspect anything. My agents are collecting the dragonshards. I expect to have everything in a month.

Well, we will take our first payment now.

The list of House Dennith’s marked in Karrnath and their assignments as requested.

I will be in touch.

The mysterious visitor departs, conjuring the stead as the door of the office is opened. The agent quickly mounts the conjured beast and rides out of the enclave and into the night of Korth.

Tagard’s voice booms out of his office at his personal staffers:

Lorsanna is to be kept in the enclave for the next month. No trips outside; she is to be under house arrest for her own safety.

Quest 1: Find out who your uncle is working with (L5 quest 200 XP) Insight DC15

Uncle's Plans

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