Uncle's Tyranny

Crest of Karrnath

Tagard d’Medani is a well connected half-elf, with contacts across Korth and stretching into the Karrnathi country side. He is House Medani’s primary agent not attached to the Twelve in Korth and provides vital detection and security services to a growing list of important Karrnathi. Tagard is also power-hungry.

He has kept his niece, Lorsanna under tight control for most of her life. She however has uncovered the tip of a plot that involves stealing her dragonmark and killing her in the process. Tagard’s plan is cloaked in secrecy and his conspirators are unknown. Lorsanna cannot simply go to the rest of the House with nothing but her word against his, she needs evidence and for that she needs her own network.

All this begins on a stormy night in Korth. Lorsanna is up and overhears her Uncle’s Plans.

Uncle's Tyranny

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